A Minor Shift

by Knowledge

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Good men live and they die, livin’ life to the fullest is the definite device
For immortal divine borderless minds untied boundaries supported with lime
A cordial invite to the primordial divide HOME is where you find the morning that sighs assorted with fine gold
The pine cones still fall from the evergreen, I guess all life is deciduous and never seen
For real just a glimpse maybe death is a better dream, let it bring peace and never weep
Forever keep the precious sights of your eyes with us and when they fall closed I let it be
‘Cause destiny has an end, but death to me just begins,
the life that you lived through the minds of your kids, the best indeed, nothing finer to give
Death is a minor shift like the keys on this song,
If we believe that your gone life’s just obligatory, nah
That really can’t be, I really can’t see that feelings just cease for billions of beings
Maybe no angels with wings, the fables are weak but what does Heaven really mean
To live in higher things admire ways of ghosts whose fire came before
Most souls retire before they reach what they aimin’ for
The same ABHOR-ation is more than occasion-al, insatiable demise is unageable
In LAAY-men’s terms, we all die with a paintable tale of existence
But is the canvas interchangeable and mixed with several lives to be interesting and relatable
Or are we truly and solely immortal like animals become sands of old
Death is expandable, chew on that thought from my brain like cannibal mandibles
Pannable images in cameras, capture the permanence unanswerable
Questions and filter them through Knowledge to make it understandable

La la la la
We all die

I still feel the life of my father breathing down through the shattered clouds
It matters now more than ever, life energy scatters out through my battlegrounds
Gather ‘round, my family is made of great men, the pattern counts
Their statements I bat around ‘til I fulfill greatness grey matter turns brown
Blood splatters out, but ashes aren’t ashes dust ain’t dust
The dirt blowin’ in your face represents the masses through millennia with love
Even the Earth is a sum of it’s parts for some it’s a start to a quotient
The ominous threat is broken the product of death: only perpetual motion
Conceptual encroachment – through the land of the living,
That’s why Hindus got the wheel, Christ resurrected, all-knowing life is unending
Descending through everything like the syllable om, the miracle comes
The spiritual run through the peaks of trees, we BREATHE perennial suns
The Tyrincal blund-er of death is up under behest by the covered regrets
Let one another be blessed, let ancestors usher your rest
As the thunder is met with the spark of existence know your mother has kept
You far from the distance but part of consistency for the others you’re next

La la la la
We all die

Look at the time line where my life is just a blurb, in hindsight
A muttered word a sputtered verb barely occurred, a blind eye
Is turned from Sinai the bush burns, as I cry
I’m Yahweh, I’m Mohammed, I’m Sidartha, I’m Diony – sis
‘Cause my life – is built by the fine gifts of the gods
Of the men who became wisdom, energy, mist and fog
The system lives on as I die my wisdom in songs is my testament
My ever-lasting life, my reverb through continents you feel my resonance
My residents is in your speaker, in your head as weaker men are led to think you blink and you’re dead EKG peaks and bleeps are mislead,
We bleed red we mean shed our capsule and free man
My atma is a parta the charge a the universe, through karma we re band
Take this literal, the epitomal, seminal, minerals of life are the general rites
Of passage enticed by definitive and minimal minds
My pen it’ll write everything I learned from Gandhi and my dad
Thrust upon me is a path, beyond that my great-grandson walks past

They say life is a journey and death is a permanent rest a person is best kept remembered worthy and blessed to burn in a chest
And submerge what is left in an urn to be kept on the mantle
A phantom that fades another merciless test to raise a candle
A ceremonious celebration erroneous veracious statements in a fake, wake is outrageuous
The duration of the eulogy like Thelonious played it
Paraded around town, when I’m raised now from six feet beneath ground
You see now, we’re free now
Breathe now, we’re renown to revow our peace now
So live now and give out blessings to all beings now


released April 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Knowledge Tulsa, Oklahoma

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