Love - All Over Again

by Knowledge

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I killed this bitch as she plead and cried for her life
I stabbed her direct in the eye, as disrespected as I’ve been
I should let her bleed for her sin
Let the blood pour let the pain cleanse, your soul
My dear, so you can go home
Free from the emotional hell in which I’m left to roam
Shit, death was a blessing
I should’ve left you festering
And eaten by pestilence, wishing that you never invested this
Money for this knife set
And you weren’t even my wife yet
But I love you ‘til death do us part
And as dead as you are, I still love you in crisis
But I like this, seein’ the physical pain in which your body was distorted
Your bloodier than an abortion, I set your remains ablaze and force them
Out my front door, through the forest, and pray for a chorus
Or a reprieve, I begin to grieve, even as I wip my dick out
And piss on what used to be you, sweet, I can taste the shit now
I heave and hear the police crunchin’ leaves through the trees
Fuck it they got me, I’m already dead, I release
I primal howl, and scream just to tempt them
They shot me, to leave me without redemption, I’m sorry

All over again, again the same way baby
If I had a choice, I wouldn’t change a thing baby
All over again, this is a love song baby
Someone told me love can never be wrong baby

Flashback to the night I discovered, your secret lover
Seein’ you tossin’ the covers, and you hidin’ that motherfucker
Somewhere underneath, like he was Lebanese holdin’ a pistol
In swelterin’ heat, duckin’ an Isreali missile
But this’ll prove to be far different from CNN
This chaos came to my crib
Where I breathe where I live
Where I give, you shelter, and pain becomes relative
Catch my double meaning, the sweat, the semen, the smell of sex
Was rampant and rank, but I couldn’t think to move
Not even one thought of a gambit to break and bring the shank to you
Not even a crank could move, my heart from the floor
Is this a prank that you’ve, tried to start for a score
No it must be true, I see the shame in you, the departed are whores
Heartless and coarse, the artless and poor, the sparse intercourse
Is harshness of course, to two hearts divorced
And few got remorse, but merely fake it
Your face shrunk up to take it, prepared to feel my wrath
But all I could do is just break down and laugh, I can’t explain it
But only convey it, just as it was, the day I lost the love
The bond that was sacred, sent from above

All over again, again the same way baby
If I had a choice, I wouldn’t change a thing baby
All over again, this is a love song baby
Someone told me love can never be wrong baby

A little gap in time that I can never forget
That’s the day that we met, the day that I let
My heart open, and emotion creep forth from neglect
Like never before, you forced my essence to be yours
An opportunity, that doused my soul in gold
The warmth of our love, smothered the cold
Above all that’s sold, it was never material, but spiritual
You’re the first love I felt for the tangible, I used to only love the lyrical
Mystical, baby, I’ve never believed in god
But if I did you are it, pure, perfect, and unflawed
The foundation for all that is, you’re the cause
The reason the sun shines, you’re the silent beauty in a pause
And ah! The glorious orgasm is the birth of everlasting
Oceans, beaches and shore patterns, first your spasms are felt
In the wind crossing the trees, blossoming leaves
And often the need of another human being
Is enough to satisfy but you went beyond the basic
And like I got the lasik, I can actually see so clear
You’re the embodiment of tragic happiness and fear
Whether far or near, I still love you as if you were here
I cry for you. I always told you that I would die for you
And I’ve never lied to you. This is my life for you
Because even though the pain led me to unspeakable sin
I’d live my life backwards to love you all over again


released April 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Knowledge Tulsa, Oklahoma

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