Summertime In Winter

by Knowledge

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It’s a cold bitter winter, the skies are open
The dirt is frozen, tree limbs broken
Breathe comes out as smoke with every word spoken
The snow falls and twists in the wind
Till it shifts it again, and snow falls backwards for a minute before it hangs and suspends
Time feels slower, and the night is so quiet
Snow showers so suited to silence
The whisper is magnified in the light air of the climate
The clean crispness, the scene briskness
My dreams listless, the breeze misses
The lean distance, between my heart and my head, so indifferent
The clean and the cold, duality of soul
The frozen road, sliding into ditches
Riding in a blizzard, a fury, unknown brightest of senses
The skies remain gray, but the earth shines with a luster
So while Heaven is delayed, then this life becomes full of wonder
Shielded from the cold with layers of clothes, the warmth inside still denied
The source of warmth is inside, the fire burns to survive
My entire soul is alive, preserved to inspire enshrined
Forever frozen in ice, instant life feels aligned with divine
Snow angels, the whole angle of known labels seems to change
Winter is dark and grows painful, it’s so things’ll be saved
And rearrange and come new like the phoenix from ashes
And undo or regroup the true feelings of passion

Summertime in winter the suspended snow drifts clear
Sun rays hit the cold Earth, no sense to walk in fear
'Cause I've been waiting for your warmth, can't wait another year
Amongst the cloudy gray sky, you make the light appear

The day I met you the clouds parted, the brown garden turned green
The breeze was now softened and serene the ground started to breathe
And how often do you miss the ominous things like sun rays
Insolvent in rain, the pollen and shade was all in your gaze
You soothe the chapped lips with your kiss
The passion of this is immaculate with a touch of pure bliss
The winter wind savage and brisk
Reversed back to the mist, snow melted, water for lakes and rivers
To dive inside and swim there, can’t recall why I shivered
Chattering teeth calmed and spoke to you, no more ice to freeze us
When close to you from an ocean view sanded streets become beaches
It’s so needless to slip and slide through the frigid sea of fish and leeches
When all I need is the heated scene you bring when I see ya
Now free ta, go outside – that’s outside of myself
Just as the ice will melt you might as well, the signs will tell, my mind’ll dwell
I kinda fell under your righteous spell, excited well light shines and swells
To defrost the bitter heart, to melt the outer shell
The quiet winter gives way to the laughter of summer to run after another
Natural beauty like the sun’s perusing the horizon, undercover
The finest center displayed, I feel warmth like a June day
Found a new way to view May run hands across hair that you braid
Winter fades since you came and now summer gains a new face
The frostbitten heart sets a new pace and thaws quickly by the blue flame
Since our first words became fog as we spoke into the cold night
I’ve felt summer’s approach spawn since we first broke the ice


released April 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Knowledge Tulsa, Oklahoma

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