by Knowledge

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When the Earth gave birth to me, the destiny was undone
Everywhere I looked were people, and they were pressing me to become one
A dumb one, a numb one, now come and have some fun, they said
As I read from the book of the sun, the crookedest sum was multiplied
By the divine. God sold out to man, leading his legacy to divide
And Pegasus moved in stride, to another galaxy, which actually is located inside
A box that’s tied and locked, prying eyes have tried to spy the box’s stock and thrive
On gold, minus the l, lord where’s the order within this cell, submorpher
This is God Knowledge reporting from hell, the body
The shoddy workmanship, not even pilates can make it perfect with no pretext
We reject all of the spiritual manifestation, earthly damnation
Unholy sanctification
Spiritless animalism in the evolutionary process
A revolutionary’s comments, but man lost his conscience, be cautious
If we’re not gods were beasts, the beast – the opposite.
I’m a devil too like you, but I’m also a prophet like the Mahatma
Or Mohamed, now you’ll call the God Islamic – and be wrong
I’m just accosted by the sins of my brethren – be gone

I am the son of God, you are the son of man
I created myself in my image and blew breath into my hands
And pressed them into the lungs of the downtrodden, the forgotten
The mental opossums playin’ dead amongst the poppy blossoms
The beat is my heart throbbin, the words I speak embody Knowledge
Literally and figuratively, my energy is upon us
The new Gnostics worship in my dome, my home, my office
My center, you enter, my logic
God Knowledge is delirious and seriously in need of some help
I gain wealth by magnetizing the spiritual realm and stealthily bringing god to me
Never a need for hide and seek now watch my soul glow at the peak
Of the mountains I moved with a blink
The future is bleak for fallen man, solving a plan
You are walking dirt, moving mud, falling land, appalling and bland
I am the red clay of the Native American, I’m death becoming sand
I detest your numbing brands, and the marketing behind every piece of history
That morphs god into the god of those who win, victory is not for the solemn
Who remain unapolo – getic, but for the masses who energize supreme forces through magnetics

Like polar opposites, solar consequence relates to lunar opulence
The occidental nature of man can never elevate above the continents
When I watched god die I began plotting my dominance
Now I can’t even say shit like I got verbal incontinence
My positive ominous flow attracts negative populace blows
While other gods of positive charge turn up their confident nose
All high and mighty, can you believe what this kid is writing
With his mind he should be shining, instead he wastes potential rhyming
Calling himself a god, holding positive thoughts in high regard
But profane, sacrilegious, insane, unrepentant, and odd
Prepare for the fall of Adam, I mean atom bombs
On the Eve of nuclear holocaust, there’s no space for neutrons
Beware of serpents tryin’ to purchase your soul with a coupon
Connect with the positive energy force a strong adhesive bond
As the negative energy pulls you with the same rule of magnetics
Move right through it with synergy and the positive school of kinetics
You’re a fool to be accepted like those who practice dianetics
The meaning is there is no meaning I’m a student of Samuel Beckett
End game, my mid game is in play and sharp,
But the dwindling reality disassembling the farce
The end of time, the winding arch, sins and crime, the ides of March
The earth, the cause the positive and negative charge,
The rebirth, the scars, the love, the loss.
The dirt, the search, the devils, the gods


released April 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Knowledge Tulsa, Oklahoma

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